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The Terrain

Africa is rich in talent and creativity but largely lack the infrastructure and expertise to translate this talent and creativity into sustainable, let alone, profitable enterprises due to under investment in the creative and cultural industries. This has resulted in African being largely absent in the global market of ideas, values and aesthetics as conveyed by music, theatre, literature, film and television. This gross imbalance has resulted in African countries importing overwhelmingly more creative goods than they export. African consumers tend to imbibe the ideas and values out of its continent yet have a very rich creative and cultural heritage.

The creative landscape which encompasses literature, radio productions, films, TV, literature and a host of other activities in Africa has grown considerably over the years in spite of the dynamic economies. As the 2010 UNCTAD report states: “The growth is a confirmation that the creative industries hold great potential for developing countries that seek to diversify their economies and leapfrog into one of the most dynamic sectors of the world economy.”

For Africa to stake its place in the global arena of ideas and aesthetics, and to increase its market share in the world’s creative economy, there will need to be greater vision and political will on the part of both government and the private sector to invest in all aspects of the value chain: education, creation, production, distribution and consumption.

Our Mission

Provide communication avenues of high standard utilizing diverse media vehicles as well as support growth and development of fresh and young talent within the creative industry through active skills transfer models including internship and training opportunities.
Ultimately, expand the understanding of the creative industry and innovative expressions.

Nut shell

A multimedia creative studio that works sinuously across a variety of media for a diverse range of clients across sectors..

Our Vision

Be a global leader in creative expression

- Hezekia Watta, Founder Ol wonders

Our Motto

With God all things are possible.

- Mark 10: 27